Walter Mabry

Walter Mabry

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Walter Mabry

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Dark Brown
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Walter Mabry is the main antagonist in Now You See Me 2. He is portrayed by Daniel Radcliffe.

Biography Edit

Walter Mabry is the illegitimate son of Arthur Tressler.

Now You See Me 2 Edit

Walter was thought to be dead for a year before being revealed to be alive by the Four Horsemen. He later reveals that his father, Arthur Tressler was the one who put Thaddeus Bradley up to drowning Dylan Rhodes father, Lionel Shrike. So what he did was he decided to do the same thing to Dylan Rhodes. Except J. Daniel Atlas and the other Four Horsemen saved him before he drowned. Walter cried in his room, then after getting constipation, he surrendered to the police, who left him in his room to do his homework.