The Four Horsemen on stage

The Four Horsemen on stage

The Four Horsemen are a group of street magicians brought together and led by Dylan Rhodes. As a public group of magicians, they performed in hotels, New Orleans, a Las Vegas stage, New York, and on the Thames in London.

History Edit

The Four Horsemen were all popular street magicians. J. Daniel Atlas was a very popular illusionist, trying to impress women with his acts and attracting many crowds. Merritt McKinney was a once popular mentalist and hypnotist. Jack Wilder was just a regular sleight of hand illusionist, street magician, and pickpocket. Henley Reeves was an escape artist, a stage performer, and Daniel's former assistant.


The Four Horsemen Symbol

They were all individual performers until a mysterious benefactor (later revealed to be Dylan Rhodes) left them tarot cards, telling them to meet in a building, where they find blueprints for a Las Vegas show. They manipulate a French man (Étienne Forcier) into attending one of their shows, where they activate his hypnosis and stage a bank robbery. He believes he has actually robbed the Crédit Républicain de Paris. The day after the show, the FBI arrest the Horsemen but are forced to let them go due to a lack of evidence. The Four Horsemen embark on a new show. They steal money from their wealthy benefactor Arthur Tressler and give the money to Hurricane Katrina victims who had been cheated out of insurance by his company.

They end up on the run from the police. In their apartment, Jack is left alone while the others make an escape. Jack ends up in a car chase with the F.B.I. Jack's car flips over and catches fire, ending the chase. Dylan tries to get Jack (who had been replaced by a corpse) out but only manages to get his documents. Jack is believed to have been killed. The three remaining Horsemen go out with a bang at their final show. Jack, who is revealed to still be alive, meets the other three Horsemen at a park, where Dylan reveals himself to be the creator of the magician group. They finally make it into the Eye.

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