Natalie Austin

Natalie Austin

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Natalie Austin
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Natalie Austin is a character in Now You See Me 2. She is portrayed by Sanaa Lathan.

Biography Edit

Natalie is an F.B.I. agent who works with Dylan Rhodes and Agent Cowan.

Now You See Me 2 Edit

Dylan Rhodes asks to speak with Natalie and Agent Cowan follows. Dylan tells the pair he thinks he is onto something when he notices pigeons next to what looks like the Horsemen. Natalie is not impressed and reveals she looks up to Dylan, but his pigeon theory is crazy.

At the OCTA takeover Dylan is handcuffed by agent Cowan. Rhodes escapes by putting Natalie in the cuffs with other agents.

At the end of the London act Natalie meets Dylan. He gives her a pen drive that contains everything there is to know about Arthur Tressler and Walter Mabry, then vanishes.