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Merritt McKinney
The Mentalist
The Hypnotist
Mer-Bear (by Chase)
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Brown (formerly)
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Merritt McKinney is a character in Now You See Me. He is portrayed by Woody Harrelson.

Biography Edit

Merritt has a twin brother named Chase McKinney. The two were a brotherly duo known as the Magical McKinneys before Merritt made a name for himself. Chase later disappeared with all of Merritt's money, leaving him with nothing.

Now You See Me Edit

Merritt is first shown in New Orleans hypnotizing a woman while her husband watches. Merritt uses his skills in mentalism to get the husband to admit that he had an affair with his wife's sister, Janet. He hustles $250 from the man to make his wife forget what she just heard. After this event, Merritt discovers a Hermit tarot card with an address on the back leading to New York City. 

When he arrives at the building, two more magicians, J. Daniel Atlas and Henley Reeves arrive. Merritt correctly guesses Henley's name by reading her coffee cup and calls her beautiful. Atlas sticks out his hand to shake Merritt's, but Merritt flips him off. Jack Wilder arrives. He picks the lock for the door and when they walk in, they find blueprints for a show.

Now You See Me 2 Edit

ships Edit

J. Daniel Atlas Edit

Alhough Merritt is fond of Atlas and they work well together, their off-stage relationship is sometimes antagonistic. Merritt's laid-back attitude and habit of teasing the other magician about "control issues" get on Atlas's nerves.

Henley Reeves Edit

Merritt is physically attracted to Henley and flirts with her through much of their off-stage time in the first movie.


Merritt develops a close friendship with Jack based on proximity and a strong desire to learn each other's skills.

Dylan Rhodes Edit

Lula May Edit

Chase McKinney Edit

Skills Edit

Merritt is highly skilled in mentalism and hypnotism. He developed the skill from childhood to present day. As an adult, he learned card-throwing from Jack Wilder. He is competent at card throwing when compared to his audience but unskilled when compared to the other Horsemen.

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