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Lionel Shrike
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Light brown
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Lionel Shrike is a character in Now You See Me. He is portrayed by Elias Koteas in Now You See Me and Richard Laing in Now You See Me 2.

Biography Edit

When Lionel was young, he asked a man to sign a card for a trick. Lionel then places the signed card inside a hollowed-out part of a tree. The tree grows around the card. Twenty years later, Lionel asks the same man to sign a card. Lionel then saws the old tree in half to reveal the card from twenty years ago.

He was good friends with Thaddeus Bradley, but they both pretended to be rivals in public.

In 1984, he attempted to do a stunt in which he would be locked in a safe. The safe would be dropped into the East River and he planned to escape in five minutes. Shrike hands his son, Dylan, a watch and tells him to count how long it takes and that he should get out at 300 seconds. However, when the safe reaches the bottom of the river, it warps due to it being made out of cheap metal, leading to his death. His body is never found. .