Chase McKinney

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Chase McKinney

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Macau, China
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Chase McKinney Edit

is a character mentioned in Now You See Me and seen in Now You See Me 2. He is portrayed by Woody Harrelson. Edit

Biography Edit

Chase and his brother, Merritt McKinney, were a brotherly duo known as the Magical McKinneys when they were young. Chase was Merritt's manager at one point, but he disappeared with all of Merritt's money.

Now You See Me Edit

When Dylan Rhodes interrogates Merritt, he briefly mentions that he had a brother who ran away with all his money.

Now You See Me 2 Edit

The Four Horsemen try to escape their show at OCTA through a garbage chute. When they land, they find that they are in China. Chase greets them and drives them to Walter Mabry.

While in the car, Merritt asks Chase how he managed to teleport the Horsemen from America to Asia. Chase says he disguised himself as a pizza delivery man, hypnotized Merritt, and stole all his private information. Shortly after this, they arrive at Walter's tower.

Later, Chase takes the Horsemen to Long's, a magic shop. Merritt then decides to take Chase to get a drink. While they are there, Jack Wilder sneaks up on Chase attempts to hypnotize him but fails.

Next, the Horsemen release a video explaining that they are going to London to expose Walter. Arthur Tressler asks Chase if the threat is real and Chase announces it is.

Chase later confronts Merritt as he heads to the Thames. Chase is then hypnotized by Jack. Jack makes sure it will be Chase who decides to throw the Horsemen out of the plane later.

Once all the Horsemen are caught and are on the plane, Chase, under the control of hypnotism, suggests they should throw the Horsemen out of the plane. Once this has been done, the Horsemen reveal they are still alive and expose Walter, Arthur, and Chase.

Chase is then arrested for his crimes.

Skills Edit

Chase is a skilled mentalist.